With all the changes to web searches and how are sites are ranked its important to know what makes a quality site in the eyes of the public and what Google deems as quality. Read along here as they discuss the parameters of a quality site.

First off, Matt Cutts joined Google as a Software Engineer in January 2000. Before Google, he was working on his Ph.D. in computer graphics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has an M.S. from UNC-Chapel Hill, and B.S. degrees in both mathematics and computer science from the University of Kentucky.

Matt wrote SafeSearch, which is Google’s family filter. In addition to his experience at Google, Matt held a top-secret clearance while working for the Department of Defense, and he’s also worked at a game engine company. He claims that Google is the most fun by far.

Matt currently heads up the Webspam team for Google. Matt talks about webmaster-related issues on his blog.

Eric Enge: I would like to review an example scenario with you. I often use this in my presentations on SEO. The scenario is one where a user searches on “frogs”. The first result looks promising, so they click on it, and they get something that looks like this:

However, they don’t see what they want, and they return to the search results and they click on the second result. Here is what they get:

The resulting page isn’t a duplicate of the first, but the information provided is the same. So they go back and click on the third result and get yet another non-duplicate page that still does not have what they want. At this point, they’re very frustrated. It turns out the information they’re looking for is what frogs eat, and they’re not finding the information they’re looking for.

The reason I use this example is I am trying to show clients that being non-duplicate is not enough, and they need to do more to expect to rank in the search results.

Those other sites are not bringing additional value. While they’re not duplicates they bring nothing new to the table.

Matt Cutts: That’s absolutely right. Those other sites are not bringing additional value. While they’re not duplicates they bring nothing new to the table. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with what these people have done, but they should not expect this type of content to rank.

Google would seek to detect that there is no real differentiation between these results and show only one of them so we could offer users different types of sites in the other search results.

Eric Enge: Of course, one thing that might make one of these sites a bit different is if it represents Jane’s opinion about frogs.

Matt Cutts: It might make it different, but that may not be enough. Without meaning any offense to Jane, but if Jane is just churning out 500 words about a topic where she doesn’t have any background, experience or expertise, a searcher might not be as interested in her opinion. In the case of movies, for example, a lot of people care about Roger Ebert’s opinion so that is an example where a person’s opinion could be of great interest.

Eric Enge: I also see a lot of e-commerce sites and aggregator sites out there. What about them?

It’s really the same type of issue. They need to ask themselves what really is their value add?

Matt Cutts: It’s really the same type of issue. They need to ask themselves what really is their value add? That does not mean they cannot create something that works, but they need to figure out what it’s that makes them special.

Eric Enge: There’s a lot of discussion in certain circles that Google loves brands. Some people even suggest that this is primarily because Google wants to reward its advertisers.

… whether someone is an advertiser doesn’t help in our web search rankings at all.

Matt Cutts: First off, I just want to emphasize that whether someone is an advertiser doesn’t help in our web search rankings at all.

Google does try to mirror the real world. We try to reflect the real-world importance of things as we see that reflected in the web. Brands sometimes are an indicator that people see value, but it isn’t the only way that people see value. There are many other possible indicators that something is important and worth surfacing in the search results.

A brand could be potentially useful, but it’s certainly not the only lens to interpret the world. There are lots of signals we use to try to find the results that bring the most value to users. And whether or not someone is an advertiser does not matter at all.

One of the great things about the web is that it still offers up-and-coming businesses opportunities to build their own reputation online. This can enable them to succeed even though other companies may have large advertising budgets.

Eric Enge: Going back to the way we started this chat, Google has compelling reasons for offering diverse results. Understanding this could offer new online businesses a way in the door. In the past people have referred to this as Query Deserves Diversity.

Matt Cutts: Yes, that is a part of what our algorithm does: work to find quality diverse results that help solve problems for users. I would discourage people from thinking about from an algorithmic perspective though. What they should focus on is looking at the overall landscape of their market.

If it is already a crowded space with entrenched players, consider focusing on a niche area initially, instead of going head to head with the existing leaders of the space.

If it is already a crowded space with entrenched players, consider focusing on a niche area initially, instead of going head to head with the existing leaders of the space. This is probably what you would have done if there were no search engines, and it’s often still the best approach. Find something that the entrenched players do not do well, and focus on that. Establish a reputation in that niche, become a leader in it, and then expand from there.

One great example of this is hipmunk.com for travel. They offer great visualizations of what your trip is going to be like. It’s a fantastic UI, and it’s attracting the attention of a lot of people.

Eric Enge: It dawned on me recently that link building is an interesting phrase that has misled people. It’s a bit of a cart before the horse thing. It has led people to think about links as something they get from the “dark corners of the web”. Places where no one ever goes, so it does not matter what you do there. So by thinking of it this way, as link building, you are off on the wrong foot even before you get started.

regarding the concept of link building: “It segments you into a mindset, and people get focused on the wrong things.

Matt Cutts: That’s right. It segments you into a mindset, and people get focused on the wrong things. It leads them to think about links as the end goal. It’s important to think about producing something excellent first. If you have an outstanding product, world class content, or something else that sets you apart, then you can step back and start thinking about how to promote it.

Eric Enge: So instead of thinking it as link building, think about it as PR/marketing.

Matt Cutts: Sure, that is a way to think about it. Whatever you choose to call it, I think the big thing is how you go about doing it.

Eric Enge: We always speak to our clients about focusing on activities that are brand building. Examples of places people have gone to get links that aren’t brand building include:

  1. Article directories
  2. Cheap directories
  3. Link wheels
  4. Blog networks
  5. Any sites that don’t care about the editorial quality of their content

Does that make sense?

By doing things that help build your own reputation, you are focusing on the right types of activity. Those are the signals we want to find and value the most anyway.

Matt Cutts: Yes, it does. By doing things that help build your own reputation, you are focusing on the right types of activity. Those are the signals we want to find and value the most anyway. Just promoting your site on a spammy blog network that no one would ever choose to visit is not a good strategy.

It’s wild to see some blog networks just repackage the same spammy sites and services and have the nerve claim that their content is “Panda and Penguin compliant” when the quality of the network is clearly not at the level that even a regular person would choose to read it.

Eric Enge: Let’s talk a bit about link bait. Many years ago there was a company that created this article on the x things you did not know about death. It was a big hit and they got tons of links. It’s slightly off topic, but not unrelated. How do you think about programs like these?

Matt Cutts:This kind of content can be useful as a promotional tool. Obviously it works much better if the content has a close relationship to your business. But if this is well done, and you use this as a tool to create visibility for your business, with an emphasis on something that people really like, you will typically be OK.

Eric Enge: What about infographics?

Search Engine Complexity Infographic

Matt Cutts: This is a discussion that makes me a bit troubled. I do agree that there are ways that infographics can be created and that represent an OK form of promotion, but the challenge is that as soon as I say something like that, people are going to use this as justification to do whatever it’s they want to do. They will push the limits, and that isn’t OK.

In principle, there’s nothing wrong with the concept of an infographic. What concerns me is the types of things that people are doing with them. They get far off topic, or the fact checking is really poor. The infographic may be neat, but if the information it’s based on is simply wrong, then it’s misleading people.

The other thing that happens is that people don’t always realize what they are linking to when they reprint these infographics. Often the link goes to a completely unrelated site, and one that they don’t mean to endorse. Conceptually, what happens is they really buy into publishing the infographic, and agree to include the link, but they don’t actually care about what it links to. From our perspective this is not what a link is meant to be.

Any infographics you create will do better if they’re closely related to your business, and it needs to be fully disclosed what you are doing. The big key is that the person publishing the infographic has to know, and agree with, including an endorsement to your site as attribution with the infographic. Even then, there is reason to believe that the link is more about the barter to get the infographic than a real endorsement of your site.

I would not be surprised if at some point in the future we did not start to discount these infographic-type links to a degree.

This is similar to what people do with widgets as you and I have talked about in the past. I would not be surprised if at some point in the future we did not start to discount these infographic-type links to a degree. The link is often embedded in the infographic in a way that people don’t realize, vs. a true endorsement of your site.

Eric Enge: There’s one thing that I believe a lot of people missed with Penguin (and Panda). They represent entirely new algorithm capabilities for Google. Using Penguin and article directories as an example, you can imagine that someone manually developed a list of bad article directories.

Then you could algorithmically evaluate the backlinks of those sites, offline from the main algorithm, and that analysis could focus on determining whether or not you see a pattern of concern with the link profile. If you do, then you can adjust the ranking weight of something for that site.

My point is, that you can choose to do any of these types of manual analyses offline and use this type of mechanism to enhance the quality of the overall algorithm. I know you can’t comment on my example scenario, but does that make sense?

… you are right that these algorithms do represent new types of capabilities for us.

Matt Cutts:I really can’t comment on it in any specific way, but you are right that these algorithms do represent new types of capabilities for us.

Eric Enge: Let’s switch gears a bit. Let’s talk about a pizza business with stores in 60 cities. When they build their site, they create pages for each city.

That information would be great on a top-level page somewhere on the site, but repeating it on all those pages does not look good.

Matt Cutts: Where people get into trouble here is that they fill these pages with the exact same content on each page. “Our handcrafted pizza is lovingly made with the same methods we have been using for more than 50 years …”, and they’ll repeat the same information for 6 or 7 paragraphs, and it’s not necessary. That information would be great on a top-level page somewhere on the site, but repeating it on all those pages does not look good. If users see this on multiple pages on the site they aren’t likely to like it either.

Eric Enge: I think what site owners may argue is that if someone comes in from a search engine and lands on the Chicago page, and that is the only page they see on the site, they want to make their best pitch on that page. That user is also unlikely to also go visit the site’s Austin pizza page.

Matt Cutts: It is still not a good idea to repeat a ton of content over and over again.

Eric Enge: What should they put on those pages then?

Matt Cutts: In addition to address and contact information, 2 or 3 sentences about what is unique to that location and they should be fine.

Eric Enge: That won’t be seen as thin content?

Matt Cutts: No, something like that should be fine. In a related situation, I had a writer approach me recently and ask me a question. He has this series of articles he provides to gyms that own websites. He wanted to know if there was a limit to how many times he could provide the same content to different gyms, yet still have it be useful from a search perspective for his customers. Would it be helpful, for example, if he kept on rewriting it in various ways.

Even before you get to what search engines think, users aren’t going to understand what the difference is between these 4 places.

It gets back to your frog site example. The value add disappears. Imagine 4 gyms in the same small city all offering exactly the same advice. Even before you get to what search engines think, users aren’t going to understand what the difference is between these 4 places. As a user, after reading your content, why would I pick one over the other? For search engines, it’s the same challenge.

Find a way to differentiate and stand out, so that people want to try your product or service and see what they think. When they try it, give them something outstanding and earn yourself a customer.

Eric Enge: Let’s talk about content curation. I am seeing these services emerge now, and it seems to me they’re going to be pushing sites to use content curation as a way to get rich text content on your site.

Matt Cutts: As with all the other things we have discussed today, what is the value add? Does it really make sense that visitors to your site are going to be looking to see your opinion on the latest content out there? If the information stream is coming from a third party service and you aren’t involved in anyway, except for providing a place to publish it, this may be something that you might want to decide not to do.

We might not view this as spam, but it’s sort of shallow and we would tend to not want to rank this type of content as highly.

We might not view this as spam, but it’s sort of shallow and we would tend to not want to rank this type of content as highly.

Eric Enge: Any last comments you would like to make?

Matt Cutts: The main thing is that people should avoid looking for shortcuts. In competitive market areas there has always been a need to figure out how to differentiate yourself, and nothing has changed today. Think about how you can create compelling content or a compelling experience for users.

… our ability to detect poor quality links, or spam links, is greatly improved. Our capabilities in these areas are only going to continue to improve further over time.

I was also heartened by comments on the “Ask the SEOs” panel at SMX Advanced. People are beginning to see that we are able to do a pretty good job at detecting spam. One of the panelists commented that we were not just talking the talk, but walking the walk now (Greg Boser). The point being made was that our ability to detect poor quality links, or spam links, is greatly improved.

Our capabilities in these areas are only going to continue to improve further over time.

Eric Enge: Thanks Matt!

Matt Cutts: You’re most welcome Eric.

Ok so now you know about what Google deems as quality. Are you writing quality posts? Are you writing for your readers and adding value or just writing for search engine rankings? Google is very very smart about this and although people believe the hype of easy page 1 rankings.  You can plainly see here that is not the case. What are your thoughts?

Source: http://www.stonetemple.com/matt-cutts-and-eric-talk-about-what-makes-a-quality-site/


Bloggers Paycheck Review 2 – 2010

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How to Get Started Online

If your looking to create an online business whether it is a blog or a regular static website, there are some minor costs that are involved.  This is through purchasing your own domain name and web hosting. It is also a very exciting purchase on your start to your web domination.

There are free web hosting options available but I certainly don’t recommend them and their ads get placed on your website which defeats the purpose of you having your own site. As well, having your own web site with your own way cool domain name shows a bit more legitimacy than a blogger.com etc. Your website will also be in the middle of a large spider web of back links and social bookmarks that all point to your site so you can reap the benefit of these structures as well. You want to drive traffic, visitors and buyers to YOUR site not someone elses.

So recapping here are the benefits of owning your own site or blog with a legitimate hosting plan and your way cool domain name:

    1. You maintain complete control of your website.
    2. Your site will be easier to promote and will gain rank much more easily in search results
    3. You own your own content and are not bound by rules of free hosting terms.
    4. You have the ability to provide rich media such as  audio, video and even downloads
    5  Your visitors and subscibers will take your content more seriously as an expert of sorts.
    6. Your control what ads and links go on your blog. 

Web Hosting: Web Hosting gives you absolute freedom with your blog, in affect your ‘own’ space on the internet and virtually no-one can take that away from you. Well, perhaps a de-index by google but that won’t happen if you are not using black hat methods 😉

Bluehost & Hostgator

There are some terrific hosting services as mentioned above here. My personal favorite web hosting companies would have to be Hostgator, not only is it one of the cheapest it’s also tons of features you will need and many free extras. Their support is also incredible and they are there whenever I have a question. Actually, I host this site using Hostgator. But all the hosting services I named above in my website are terrific. You just need to see which one suits your needs. Although they are all very reliable and very affordable.

Domains - GoDaddy

Smokin' HOT!

Domain Name: If you can it is best to use some of your keywords when picking your domain. This is very beneficial for SEO purposes. Also. keep in mind if you get a domain try, if you can two register it for a minimum of two years. Google looks upon websites that have a one year domain as a possible spam site.

For my sites I register all my domains with www.GoDaddy.com . They have a very comprehensive domain platform and it is very easy to use.

Whether you are setting up a website just for fun or for a online business a very small investment in Web Hosting and a Domain Name can certainly provide the beginnings for a highly successful online business.

Once you get these basic items out of the way you are now on your way to carving out your own niche.

Article SpinnersIf you are like most internet marketers you are still getting a handle to the numerous ever changing trends of internet marketing strategies, most likely you’ve faced all sorts of innovative ideas and suggestions in blogs, forums and other sources on the net associated to internet marketing.

In these sources, you will see that nearly all skilled internet marketers will talk about diverse strategies and automated tools that they utilize to boost web traffic, conversions, and tangible sales of their own products.

As far as this article goes, we are discussing one of the main tools being utilized, mainly for the content of articles, landing pages, blogs, and websites, which are article spinners. I am sure you’ve heard of article spinners previously, but if you haven’t then keep reading since this could certainly be powerful knowledge to increasing exposure and large amounts of traffic. Not to forget ALL those backlinks you are going to create. This is a huge benefit for creating mass articles as well.

Article spinners are basically a powerful writing software tool that rewrites articles by changing the structure of sentences in order to generate various and unique copies of an unique article. But more importantly, it’s able to preserve the message of the original article in all the copies it can churn out, which makes it a highly powerful tool when you are trying to put up several articles in different sites and blogs.

Article Spinners are a blessing for internet marketers who do not have the time and the imagination to reproduce, rewrite, and post to articles directories. And simply use article spinners to do the job. It’s very convenient and affordable comparison to hiring ghost writers or other outsourcing firms to get the job done.

So why do internet marketers have to come up with so much new content? Writing high-quality articles and posts to your blog is more often than not the source to making a lot of money through internet marketing and gaining a lot of traffic. Being able to produce great content, you are effectively advertising your products and more articles to potential customers who are reading about the products being sold online.

As mentioned previously, writing and rewriting articles can take a tremendous amount of time and effort on the marketer’s part, so they make use of article spinner software as an alternative. An additional explanation why they use article spinners is since submitting a single unique article to dozens of article directories can be detected by Google, bringing a very high probability of only one of your articles being linked to your keyword and discounting all the rest of your articles you submitted. This greatly reduces your chances of gaining more traffic, and totally defeats the purpose of getting several articles to the top directories.

But the problem is not all article spinners being sold deliver top quality rewritten articles. There are a lot that do not work very well or extremely difficult to understand and figure out. Keep in mind that with the correct article spinner, you can absolutely produce superior quality rewrites of your own articles or PLR articles and get them submitted to the directories and posted in your sites and blogs exclusive of each ranking behind in the search engines. Right now after my extensive and very thorough research the most affordable and the absolute hand down winner for Article Spinners is the one I use here.  If you are going to create a billion back links to your site and submit to 100’s of article directories this tool is a must have.

Is It Worth Paying For SEO Services?

Deciding to employ SEO services can be a great decision but it is not going to be the right choice for everyone. Whether or not paying for this service is cost effective will determine if you have made a good decision. If you feel fairly certain that your website has potential to become financially successful quickly, but you can’t manage the necessary SEO work yourself, then it may be the right choice. Although paying for SEO services might be a bit much financially if your site does seem to be taking a bit of time before making money. It can be said that in order to make money, you have to spend money, but you really want to be sure that making an investment like this is going to pay off.

Your website can be taken to the next level with SEO services. SEO services are made up of professionals who have the time and knowledge to get your website working as effectively as possible in the search engines. It is important however that the money that you make from their efforts will cover the amount they are going to charge you. You probably won’t make too much on the extra traffic if you only have a couple of Adwords on the site. However the SEO services could be paid for if you have a lot of ads on your site or you are selling things because you can benefit from the extra traffic. Before you actually hire an SEO service, it is very important that you think about how you are going to pay for the service.

As long as you take the time to think everything through and you are sure about it, then this can really be a great decision. You are likely to get extra traffic from the efforts of the SEO service so it is up to you how to optimise this traffic. However if you don’t have much idea about how this is going to work then you may not benefit that much.

All website owners understand the advantages of getting SEO. There are many things a good SEO company can do for your site, including article marketing. Don’t play Russian roulette with your site, so get a good SEO company in to help. SEO isn’t the only thing you should think about though because, web hosting are vital as well.

Marketing material is something that every business needs, since it is an essential aspect in carrying out business and generating revenue. Without advertising material a company cannot stand on its own, they just wouldn’t be able to measure up in the identical business arena like the others.

Press releases become marketing material. A well-written press release can dramatically could radically increase your sales, expose your company to the multitude, and greatly improve the image of your business or products. Advertising manipulates the message whereas PR does not, and because of this, PR builds integrity. Submit press releases and see the difference it could do for your business.

There are many different aspects to promotion material, in which each one is utilized to simply generate more business. Brochures are a requirement for whatever businesses looking to showcase their service to clients within their community. Flyers and email promotions is another brilliant way to create marketing material which will reach your neighborhood and beyond, raising the likelihood of gaining additional business.

All of these types of campaigns can as well result in word of mouth or consumers passing your marketing stuff along to their acquaintances, making your efforts bear fruit all the more at the end of the day. Believe it or not, business cards are not just utilized as a way for people to contact you, but it is also a fundamental piece of dispersing the word about the services you offer, that is why it is exceedingly significant to make sure those business cards are appear good!

Websites are rapidly becoming the leader in advertising instruments nowadays, because a lot of people use the Internet to research products and services. A website is a remarkable technique to introduce many different parts of your advertising material such as your flyers, booklet, business information, and whatever data you desire your potential clients to understand. PR news wire is your PRweb help online.

Press releases could create a big display and they are a brilliant beginning to crafting your promoting material. Using a press release is going to gain you exposure and provide you an opportunity to market your product or service to a larger client base.

Posters on automobiles were recognized to be a successful means to gain consumers, and is as well a distinct aspect of the entire advertising material scheme of things. Practically day after day you experience driving  or riding alongside a vehicle that sports a company’s name and logo on the door.

Testimonials have been most wanted for many companies that provide services or products to help in enhancing customer’s living. Testimonials aid to ensure the clients are not doing a rash decision in granting you business and it makes them to feel that they are have company in needing the services or products your business provides.

All in all, there are numerous distinct aspects to marketing material and it will entirely depend on the extent of your company and the specific aims you have. Thinking outside the box when it comes to formulating a marketing strategy is probably the best technique to draw new business and help you to achieve your purpose.

3 Significant SEO Problems

Most newbies to the field of search engine optimization make mistakes, because the field requires some study to achieve mastery. This article discusses some of the more common SEO mistakes so you can avoid them. Whether you’re targeting a niche like List Building Automation or any other niche, webinars will always be useful.

One aspect of SEO that many new marketers don’t focus on is their on page optimization. SEO is not only about building links but it’s also about having various elements in place so that you are able to rank better than others. As an example, without knowing how to use your chosen keywords on your own site, you wouldn’t be able to get ranked for them using backlinks or any other strategies. You must pay attention to your title and heading tags, as well as the keyword density of your content. You have to be aware of a variety of details if you want your site’s on page SEO to be effective. You can’t ignore either the on or the off page aspects of SEO if you want to see results. If you create good content with the right keywords, but fail to get backlinks to the page, it won’t be enough. For search engine optimization to work, you can’t leave any piece of the puzzle out. You also have to be willing to experiment and test if you want to succeed at SEO. If you want to keep up with the search engines, who are always changing and evolving, you can’t get too attached to a particular way of doing things. Don’t be afraid to try a new system, whether it involves on or off page SEO, as this can keep you on top of the latest developments. Don’t make the mistake of only paying attention to outbound links and forgetting about internal links. The search engines are impressed by sites that make good use of internal linking (such as Wikipedia), so you should do this as much as possible. You want to show the search engines that you have a site that is helpful to people who visit, giving them the ability to locate what they need in an efficient manner by the way your internal links are arranged. And achieving this is not a big deal, since all you need to know is what keywords to include in your anchor text and what pages you’re linking to. On the other hand, you can’t just link any two random pages together. It’s essential that your internal links are logically arranged in a way that does not confuse either people who visit your site or the search engines. For instance, if your webinar is about Blogging Syndicate , then you should focus on giving high quality content to your audience.

Another SEO mistake many marketers make is outsourcing to people who use questionable methods, while promising you incredible results overnight. Such services almost always use underhanded techniques to get short term results for you. Marketers who take this road, however, almost always end up regretting it, because the search engines have the technology to catch you and then punish you for breaking the rules. The best way to deal with this problem is to go through the profile of the SEO Company you’re hiring, talk to their other clients, see what kind of feedback they’ve got, etc. Hiring an ethical service can be very helpful.

The best way to avoid making SEO mistakes is to think about what you’re doing and make sure you understand it. Not making such mistakes can go a long way in bringing you success at SEO.


Small business Internet marketing heavily depends on relevant keywords, professional web and graphics design and search engine optimization as well as on quality links. All these elements act in conjunction generating traffic and keeping a business profitable. There is always work to be done for each of these, because other than the tracking and monitoring of performance, there is a lot of maintenance to be done on a website. The legitimate question here is whether all these apply differently to small and large businesses?

The large budget is the main advantage of corporations. Small business Internet marketing on the other hand, should create market niches and develop on more modest means. The whole idea is to offer a quality product or service and present it in such a way to make it irresistible to the prospect. Presentation, promotion or advertising matter enormously here, because a nice package sells so much better than a very dull one.

The wrong advertising message could cost you lots of customers. This is the most obvious case of faulty or incorrect small business Internet marketing. Mistakes cost people money, particularly when they grow out of ignorance. If you don’t know what factors rule product/service promotion, it’s hard to be successful. Therefore, the strong recommendation for all newbies is not to rely only on their expertise and also ask for the advice of marketing experts.

There are consultancy services that specialize in small business Internet marketing, and it is with those that you have to collaborate. An analysis of your business and website promotion is usually free and represents the stage prior to signing a contract, although it does not generate any obligation for the parties involved. Try to self-educate in whatever marketing sectors necessary so that you keep up with the business demands. This is the only way to be fully in charge of your online business.

In the majority of cases, it is the beginning of online business promotion that raises most challenges for small business Internet marketing. Even for prospering businesses, market fluctuations can cause trouble by changes in consume patterns. A successful business owner is one that stays informed and updated on the latest trends, all the time!

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